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Kasami School Shoot

Photoshoot at lunch

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Kasami Party + Violin


Happy Birthday Kasami!

Welcome Home, hon!
Born 11:40-12:00 Tuesday December 15, 2009.
She is a Bobobie Ariel Blueskin.


I'm getting my first (and probably only) Boy.
He'll also probably be my only...
Doll-Zone doll.
My only LE 50 doll.
My only doll over $200.

DollZone Limited Edition of 50 Xi-Aleister

Originally I was going to buy him for a friend, but I got greedy. XD

I'll be his second owner, and the current owner is willing to put him on layaway.

I'll be putting down my first payment October 17th, a month before his birthday.
He arrived November 17th 2007--1 yr. 11 months. old, from Junky Spot.

I have the first $100...now to get the other $260. D:

Time to start counting pennies.


Current ABJD wishlist:

PB-PAB Black Pawn set http://parabox.jp/eng/para-pawn2.html
PW23-03-WR 4.5 inch center part wavy hair - wine red http://parabox.jp/wig/pw23/PW23Z03-WR.html

Bobobie ARIEL43 Girl http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/BOBOBIE/ariel07302008_7.jpg

Monique synthetic mohair wig Sahara #459 Blue https://secure.wavi.com/monique/cgi-bin/shopper?key=MT459&preadd=action

Volks Dollfie Dream

Angel of Dream Nini

-_- M.


Volks EB-Beauty


This is my doll journal. It is intended for Asian Ball Joint Doll enthusiasts, but I hope you also enjoy, no matter what you like.

Quick factoid:

"Pupae Larvae" can be translated into "Masked Doll" or "Ghost Puppet" from Latin. It does not refer to the metamorphosis in an insect's life.

Thank you for reading!

<3 M

PS. Please forgive the pink. D: